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I need to get out of here, y’all.

I’m not usually into the whole country sound much, and maybe it’s just because I’m feeling quite homesick for Nashville right now (how the hell did that happen?! Oh yeah it’s Gainesville.), but I’m in love with this lady’s sound. It’s such a good alternative to the shit they put out and call country these days. It has this nice dusty, worn quality to it like a favorite pair of boots you’ve had forever that have gotten a lot of mileage and have battle stories to share. It’s a bit rough around the edges but still manages to sound very pretty. Her twang is pleasant, not too grating, and a throw back to the old days before country singers tried to be pop and rock stars and completely ruined their idiom. You can see and hear the influences of where she’s lived in her music and general aesthetic. It has bits of old and new Nashville blended well with hints of NYC and L.A. I like that. It’s multi-layered, organic, and free from the too polished plastic rubbish of some of her contemporaries (*cough cough* Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood anyone? *cough cough*).

I also would really like to put her in wet plate.



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Just a thought: Bands and Wet Plates

I know I just posted  this on my Facebook, and if you read it there, I am sorry to be redundant. However, I would like to pose a query for all my Music City buds (or anyone else in the general southeastish area). Because I am definitely sure that all of you who read my blog are all diverse and eclectic and have interesting connections, I would like to know if any of you know any local bands (country, indie, jazz or whatever) that would be interested in having some wet plate promo images made in a sort of mutual promotional deal. I think it could be a very fun concept to play with, so I thought I would throw that out there to see if I get any bites. If you have any leads, contact our studio at thevacantchairstudio@yahoo.com. Thanks much!

Oh and once again, here is our Flickr photostream with examples of some of The Vacant Chair Photography Studio’s work.

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