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Sundays (in the car) with Irving

My little seasoned traveler just outside of Chattanooga.



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Rainy Day



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Erm… Wednesdays with Irving

So I was in finals hell this past Sunday and did not get to put up a Sundays with Irving post. I am sure you all missed it so much (sarcasm implied). Anyway, I just finished my last assignment and am mere hours from leaving in the small hours of the morning tomorrow. Irv has been so patient with my madness and lack of homage paid over the last couple of weeks. He is being extra sweet and lovely today. This is him listening lazily to Real Estate and lightly patting my foot as I finish up my final edits.



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I love my cat.


After an afternoon of going absolutely nuts and literally bouncing off the walls, Oiving finally crashes. Do you think he’s dreaming of surfing? One thing’s for sure, though, I have a massive cat, proven by the fact that he takes up an entire ironing board to snooze. Just one of the many reasons why he is utterly lovely.

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October 20, 2011 · 8:25 pm