This is me

I’ve been writing on this blog now for several months. It started as an experiment to reintroduce myself to unacademic writing since four years of history papers had consumed me. I think it’s worked, and, amazingly, I’ve stuck with it.  Thanks everyone for reading.

For those of you who are new allow me to introduce myself. I graduated this spring with a bachelor’s degree in history and no desire to teach. I’m now a first year graduate student in museum studies. I am a messy artist, bibliophile, music nerd, small business owner, film enthusiast, and, at times, a neurotic mess. All is reflected in this blog.  I also share an apartment with a cat named Irving who shows up often here as he keeps me in a near constant state of amusement. I live passionately, curiously, and as peacefully as possible. I’m a learner, a doer, and a creator. That’s me in a nutshell.

There is no particular theme or niche for this blog. It’s just me, writing about my life and my interests. It’s more of an exercise designed to keep me acquainted with myself, but anyone is welcome to have a peek and get a glimpse into my jumbled and messy mind. Enjoy.

(I also am a terrible, terrible self-editor so typos are generally an accepted norm around here. I apologize in advance.)


2 responses to “This is me

  1. I have only one thing to say you are amazing have a great sense of reason and one day I hope to accomplish what you want and the truth. Tonight it is late helped me find my way a part of me that I needed to know where to go, is that in future more problems prevent me moving forward but hopefully choose the right path

    p.s I wish you a good life, enjoy it

  2. thebetsybeast

    Thank you, Isai. I wish you all the happiness and good fortune in the world.


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