Goodbye, Little Man

Our boy, Fin, passed away tonight. He had been in pretty steady decline for the past couple of months. He had been seizing pretty severely and frequently since we got home this afternoon, and from the noises he was making it was pretty clear he was experiencing some pain. He passed quietly, though, with us around him at nine o’ clock.

He was a very good cat who spent eighteen years with us. We’ll miss having him around, but we’re glad he’s at peace now.



Happy journey, Finnyguy. Love you much.



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6 responses to “Goodbye, Little Man

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard when our furkids leave us for Rainbow Bridge. Fin is no longer in pain and is waiting for you!

  2. Ben Seitelman

    From looking at these pictures I can tell that Fin was a beautiful cat. He was lucky to have such wonderful owners and you were lucky to have such a beautiful cat in your life. It’s a shame he couldn’t be around forever. *virtual hugs*

  3. angelo

    you’ll find him in the universe sorrounding you…

  4. Wherever you are, Finn, I hope there is enough Kit ‘n Kaboodle that you don’t have to catch and eat flies. No more diets for you. Or dog slobber in your water. Happy trails, little buddy.

  5. barbara jablonowski zurl

    He was a beautiful soul ! Glad we got to know him for a little while.

  6. It’s so hard to say goodbye, my heart goes out to you. Three yrs ago we lost our gray tab at 16yr of age. This past yr our black tab at 19 yrs and my Golden Retriever lived to 18.5 yrs. We had had them all since they were 8 wks old. Grieve but also remember all those happy memories.

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