Holiday Recap

Well, my first day as a twenty-three year old is rapidly reaching its close. I am very grateful for all of the heartfelt birthday wishes. They were very sweet. The day was not particularly eventful. Our eighteen year old cat has been on a steady decline in health for the past few months, and we’re afraid the inevitable end is imminent. I’m not big on birthdays really, and we usually keep the celebration low-key. We go see a film or two and eat dinner out afterwards. Today, Fin was in such bad shape that I couldn’t justify leaving him at home alone. The three of us took turns sitting with him and trying to coax him to eat and take some water out of an eyedropper. He had a couple of seizures and what we suspect may have been a stroke. It’s always hard to watch a beloved pet make his slow exit. We have to go out tomorrow, and I’m not thrilled about the thought of having to leave him.

Our holiday was nice and quiet this year. We spent Christmas Eve helping our friend Bev in her shop, and then we came home for an early night. Christmas day, we spent time around the fire in the hearth, exchanged our modest gifts, and just enjoyed the peace and tranquility of being at home in our little nuclear family. We wound up the evening by watching my three favorite holiday programs, “The Snowman,”  “Mousehole Cat,” and The Holiday.

I love the animation for both “The Snowman” and “Mousehole Cat.” The flying sequence in the former is beautiful. Oh! And the music! God, it’s gorgeous. I love the whale. “Mousehole Cat” always makes me want to drop my life here and move directly to Cornwall. Both films are rather subdued too. I don’t like tinsely jingly Christmas things.

The holiday was nice, but, as always, I’m glad for it to be over.


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