Erm… Wednesdays with Irving

So I was in finals hell this past Sunday and did not get to put up a Sundays with Irving post. I am sure you all missed it so much (sarcasm implied). Anyway, I just finished my last assignment and am mere hours from leaving in the small hours of the morning tomorrow. Irv has been so patient with my madness and lack of homage paid over the last couple of weeks. He is being extra sweet and lovely today. This is him listening lazily to Real Estate and lightly patting my foot as I finish up my final edits.




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2 responses to “Erm… Wednesdays with Irving

  1. Can’t wait to practice cat yodeling with the Irv-ster. Oh, yeah, and give you a big “welcome home” hug!

  2. Hello Betsy! I hope all is well with you. Sorry not to have visited for a while – things have been crazy here just lately, and not always in a good way, though it is getting better now!

    I am really enjoying spending virtual time with Irving, and I don’t mind what day that happens to be! He’s a very handsome chap, and I suspect he knows it (as cats usually do), but there’s nothing wrong with that…

    I see that you’re just about to make your way home for the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family over Christmas, and that 2012 will bring with it lots of exciting new adventures and opportunities.

    Warmest wishes,
    Sophie xx

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