Sundays with Irving

My parents left a few hours ago to make the 10 hour drive back home. Irv had a great time having his “grandparents” here. When I got back up this morning, Irving kept running around searching and meowing at me quizzically. Now he’s moping on his pillow. You’ll get to see them again in three weeks, little guy. Don’t be sad.


Also, this was from earlier in the week. I was cleaning, and suddenly he disappeared. I was standing at my bed, which has drawers, and  there was a rustling in the drawer next to me. He was having a snooze in my shirts.




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2 responses to “Sundays with Irving

  1. We’ll see you soon, Irv. Have worned the dogs that their cat hat/face mask will be in for the holidays. They all three left the room mumbling something about “dibs on the bathtub”.

  2. That is… warned the dogs although “worn” actually is pretty appropriate for how he attaches himself to their faces when they enter his sanctum!

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