Sundays with Oivey-baby

We had a bit of a night Friday in my apartment with some of the gals. One stayed the night on the old camp cot, and I was too busy and then worn out to put it up yesterday. Irving has been loving that fact and luxuriating on it ever since. I don’t know if I have the heart to put it away until Wednesday when my parents arrive.




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3 responses to “Sundays with Oivey-baby

  1. angelo


    don’t put it away!

    bye from italy
    Angelo and Parrozzo!/pages/Parrozzo/162730327088940

    • thebetsybeast

      I decided not to. Irving was delighted. Give Parrozzo a scratch behind the ears from Irv and me! : )

      • Angelo

        damn…time zone.
        Parrozzo is now sleeping into the “Saetta Pipona”, a special home-vehicle that Giacomo, my son, built for him some years ago.
        tomorrow morning I ‘ll scratch him from you & Irv, be sure!
        i ‘ll ask Giacomo to post some photos of the “Saetta Pipona”.
        have a happy night/nice day (damn…time zone).

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