What do I do?

Someone offered to pay a fair sum for some of my artwork for the first time over the weekend. I was just made aware of this tonight, by the way. Now, I am not a stranger to selling my photography. I do a lot of that, but I make a huge distinction between the commissioned cheap, whored-out portrait work I do at events and the plates I make for myself. Talk about a foreign feeling. I have never made art with the intention to sell EVER. I used to think this was because I had some high moral ground to tread, but now I’m not sure.  Now I feel like I’m faced with the sell-out dilemma. Am I still being true to myself as an artist if I sell the work that has a little piece of me in it, that I originally made for myself? I’ve never thought about being a full on professional artist. Yes, I know I own a studio. I know technically I am a professional, but, as I said, the work I do out of the studio for others, I don’t really consider art.

This is causing me to question my stance. I need to think on this more. Hmmmmmmm….



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3 responses to “What do I do?

  1. therustychaincyclist

    Don’t be fearful of being compensated for your labor of love. You’re not selling out. It’s amazing what happens when your dream job turns into your day job.

    • thebetsybeast

      Thanks. When you put it that way, I suppose it is worth considering. It really would be nice to be able to do what I love full time anyway.

  2. Angela

    Hmmm. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

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