Egads! I love this!

So, among many of my secret fantasies, I dream of having one of those really quirky, cutting edge, hip, etc. etc. street fashion blogs. I suppose I could, although, I haven’t really lived in a city that was conducive to that. Dickson (that’s the town where I spent most of my formative years, by the way) was not what one would deem a hub for metro fashions, I was never in Nashville often enough, Rochester was usually too cold, and well, Gainesville, as of now, seems a bit too warm. From what I can tell thus far, everyone walks around in the least amount of clothing they can get away with while looking like wilted flowers. So, I have to live vicariously through other street fashion bloggers in nifty places like NYC, San Fran, London, Austin, etc. etc. I came across a new favorite today via Bust. It’s called The Rebel Waltz. Don’t miss her latest post from the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Oh how I love linen suits, suspenders, and cloches!

(I also really want to appear on that blog myself, though, I don’t know if my style is nifty enough. Eh, one can dream!)


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