Settling in

Everything is unpacked. I’ve had my first school experience (orientation). I also met with my advisor/director and was properly advised for the first time. Things are starting to feel settled in, at least a bit.

Yesterday after my parents hit the road back to TN, I finished setting up the space, which turned out nicely, I think. Irving seems to have taken to it as well. I was worried that he would be put off by yet another new place in such a short time. I think he actually likes it, especially the couch and chair in the living room. He likes to perch and scratch on them (he is declawed). The dogs have precluded him from doing so in the living room back home, or rather Irving’s irrational fear of the dogs has.

This is what it looks like:

It’s a pretty good space. Just big enough, and the layout is satisfactory.

Oh, and I also bought a bicycle.

This is Tallulah. I name things. My phone is the TARDIS, I have an elephant shaped teapot named Babar, etc.

There is a wonderful little shop down the street from my apartment. Dave, who reminded me a bit of a philosophy prof I had, hooked me up. He is like the Ollivander of bikes. He knew exactly what would suit me, pulled it out, had me ride it around the block. I knew instantly it was the one. He had me test another, but it just didn’t match. They were so nice and in a matter of minutes put a basket and lights on it. They were so nice, and told me I could come back anytime I had trouble in the next two years. I haven’t ridden a bike in probably ten years, and I was slightly nervous at first, but they’re right, you really don’t forget.

Like I said, I met with the director of my program today after a long day of orienting myself to the School of Art and Art History. I really like him, and I especially liked him when he liked my plans for my internship. I think he’ll be great to work with for the next two and a half years. I also got to meet the other girls in my class. There are five of us collectively. It’s very lovely being in a class with so few people. Things become more personal that way, something that a graduate program ought to be always. There is a party next weekend that will give me an opportunity to meet everyone else. I look forward to that.

Right now, that’s all I have. Tomorrow I meet with my boss to discuss my job. That should be interesting, a good interesting. This weekend, I plan to sleep solidly for hours and hours and hours and then learn the bus routes and schedules.


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