Today’s the day

Yesterday was a pretty good one. We spent the morning driving around campus and registering Irving at my apartment complex. I was actually very surprised by the campus. Call me a snob and call the public universities of Tennessee ugly, but I never really saw a public university campus that I found aesthetically pleasing. This school is much nicer. Most of the buildings are pleasing to the eye, there are big trees with Spanish moss everywhere, and there is even a small lake. I think it might just do. The one thing, however, that did put me off a bit were the numerous Greek houses. I really don’t agree with sororities or fraternities, but that’s undergrad business and doesn’t concern me anymore, I am happy to say. Let the kids have their fun, I guess.

The apartments are nice, at least from the outside. The leasing office is in a converted Baptist church which is actually pretty. I also like that all of the staff on hand were graduate students. The one who answered our questions is sort of my neighbor. She lives down the hall from me. The apartments are in a very convenient location, albeit a pretty typical college-y one. There are bars, a couple of nightclubs, affordable restaurants, head shops, etc. etc. down my street. All the kinds of places you would expect right off campus. The public library, which looked very neat is down the street from me, though, which will be nice if I want a quiet place to study off campus and out of the apartment.

I am debating whether or not I want to purchase a bicycle. While the apartments are close to campus, it’s still a bit of a walk, but not one I feel I can justify riding the bus for everyday. A bike would make me feel a little more mobile too. However, I haven’t ridden a bicycle in probably ten years and never in an urbanish setting. They say you never forget how to ride one, though. We’ll see later today.

This evening we got bored of sitting in the hotel and decided to go see a movie. It seems like we always go see a movie when we come to Florida. We saw The Help. Everyone should see it. It was so well done, and the story is such a powerful one, an interesting glimpse into a (thankfully) different time here in the South. It further widened the gap I keep between the older generations of my family and myself. I can’t help but be embarrassed that my grandparents and their forbears treated their fellow humans in such a manner. It’s just inexcusible. While it was a little difficult to watch for me, I think it was much harder for my mother who was a child in the 60s living in the South to watch. Her mother’s family was relatively financially comfortable and all had “help.” She has told me many stories from her experiences with the African Americans employed by her grandparents in Memphis and the housekeepers her own parents hired for a few years in Paris, TN. I think the movie hit a little too close to home for her as well as my aunt who saw it.

Well, we’re getting ready to head over to move in to the apartment, my first. I’m excited, but will be more so when all of my junk hasigrated from the van to the unit.


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  1. Thank you for sharing all this, Betsy. I feel really excited for you, and I hope you – and Irving – settle in quickly and happily!

    Best wishes,

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