I should be sleeping right now.

I am taking on a new challenge for myself. I have been very naughty with my blog writing this summer in the fact that I have barely posted anything at all. This is simply unacceptable, so I think I am going to pledge to write something every day for the rest of the summer no matter how boring or uneventful those posts may be. I’m thinking most of them will simply be a recitation of my day, but who knows what sort of business I’ll get up to in a day so that may actually be entertaining.

Today I started off by continuing the extensive project of clearing out my level of the house. I want to turn our spare bedroom into a studio so I can mess around with my photography before I leave for school in August. I hate cleaning, so this process seems even more horrible to me than it probably would for the average person. A funny thing happened, though, as I was organizing. I inherited two vintage Samsonite hard suitcases, which I dearly love as they’re actually sturdy enough to sustain the stress of travel unlike most cases nowadays. I was going to store some sweaters and a coat in the larger one, and as I opened it I noticed something white in the bottom. At first I thought it was a very old piece of popcorn but upon closer inspection I discovered it to be a human molar. Then as I drew back the protective curtain in the interior a small pin in the shape of the Australian flag fell out. It certainly wasn’t as weird as the tooth but was still pretty random. I have no idea where either item came from and meant to ask my dad as they were his family’s luggage but forgot. Strange what one can come across when one tidies up a bit.

I also went to the eye doctor today for a follow-up visit for new contacts. They sent me home with a trial pair with my new slightly tweaked prescription last week. I don’t have horrible vision and when not working on anything or going to class, I can make it without wearing glasses or contacts. I mostly wear glasses anyway, but I like having contacts on hand for certain occasions. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t put the pair back in since the day of the visit and ended screwing up one of them to the point of being unfit for wear. I lied when they asked me why I hadn’t worn them in today. I thought saying one had ripped made me sound better. Ah, little white lies. I actually get a little thrill lying to doctors, not sure why, maybe it has something to do with my utter dislike for them. Oops. Everything was fine, though, and I have new contacts to order this week. They also decided to dilate my eyes, which I loathe. For some reason I have very reactive pupils that dilate severely. They got so big I couldn’t even stand the lighting in the waiting room and had to keep my sunglasses on and squint for a couple of hours afterward until they finally settled back down. I honestly looked like some nocturnal Amazonian creature who had suffered a massive blow to the head.

I ended my day and week with a nice glass of properly prepared absinthe. It’s probably my favorite alcoholic beverage, not for the taste. I could take or leave the strong licorice flavor, but the feeling it gives is like no other, very relaxing, very warming. The green fairy and I share some pretty fond memories for sure (none of which involve me setting her on fire I might add). You just don’t take her like that. You tease her out with ice water and sugar cubes always.

Well, that’s all for tonight. Sweet dreams.


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