Oh boy! Yeah buddy!

I realized the other day I haven’t posted a music related piece in a while. Well, let’s be frank, I haven’t posted any kind of proper piece in a while. Life’s been crazy, man. I plan to change this this week before I head out on a weekend wet plate gig Friday.

Right now, I am enjoying my requisite cup (actually three cups) of morning coffee before I head out to get the house in order and do some photo work in prep for this weekend. The rain decided to move in this past weekend just when I planned to get out and do some field work. Of course. The sun is supposed to come out for a bit this afternoon, so I plan to dash out with Mumf and Lor to get some quick (ha ha) images off.

That last bit sounded vaguely dirty. Sorry about that.

Moving on. So as I enjoy my morning coffee (life’s blood), I am listening to Rave On the new Buddy Holly tribute album. Fast fact: Buddy Holly was my age (22) when he died in that fateful plane crash. How’s that for a swift kick in the mortality nuts? Anyway…the gist of the album is that  some of my favorite artists, new and old, got together and recorded their own versions of Holly’s best-loved songs. I’m particularly digging The Black Keys’ kinda eerie and scratchy but oh so good “Dearest,” Julian Casablancas’ version of “Rave On” done in a way only Julian Casablancas can, and Fiona Apple and Jon Brion’s sweet-as-honey soulful rendition of “Everyday.” It’s fun and the perfect summer compilation album. I don’t know if this is a thing or no, but I’ve always associated summer with compilation albums. They just seem to fit in my opinion.

The album doesn’t drop for another week, but the kind folks at NPR have it streaming in its entirety. I highly recommend you have a listen (here) if you are a rock nerd like me or just like listening to somethin’ ya can dance to at the block party. Do people still have block parties?

Enjoy your days.


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