Hitting the proverbial wall



Absolutely nothing.


I am currently undergoing the most severe creative block I have ever experienced in my twenty-two years. I can’t write. I can’t make images (digital or wet plate). I can’t draw. Hell, it took me two weeks to write a damn two paragraph mini-bio to send to my department’s director at school. I thought I had made a breakthrough the other day when I suddenly felt the urge to paint, but then it quickly left when I remembered I have no canvases or viable paint because I haven’t seriously painted in years. Damn.


Where is my muse? I’m this close to putting up Xeroxed “missing” flyers. I desperately need her back especially since I’m expected to run a business based on her influence this summer. I think she’s decided to go on holiday , though. So if you see her, please, please, please tell her I miss her terribly, I’m sorry for whatever I did, or if she’s decided to quit to give her two weeks notice so I can start interviewing other candidates.


I sincerely hope to see you all again soon on here, but, at this rate, I don’t know how long that will be…


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One response to “Hitting the proverbial wall

  1. Oh dear, Betsy! Sorry to hear you’re having such a frustrating time.

    Have you considered that you might just be tired after all the hard work and mixed emotions of finals and your graduation? Perhaps you need to be a bit more patient and gentle with yourself, and give yourself a bit of time? Whatever happens, I’m sure your muse will be back soon – perhaps she just needed a bit of a break herself!

    With all good wishes,

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