I don’t even have the energy to come up with a clever title so this is just going to be called “Bleh”

Well, I graduate in just a few hours, and, as was expected, am battling insomnia. So instead of tossing and turning trying to find the sleep that won’t come, I decided to get some thoughts out. Here, in no apparent order are the thoughts currently swirling about my tired, but restless mind:

-I am really annoyed that I can’t seem to manage to get the wrinkles out of my incredibly cheap but expensive coke bottle graduation robe. I’ve tried practically everything, but the wrinkles just won’t budge.

-Why, of all days did the Rochester weather have to revert to its horrid dreary, wet ways after so many lovely days recently? I really would like to have a sunny graduation.

-I wish this coat of nail polish would dry faster. I’m too impatient when it comes to manicures.

-I keep equating tonight to the night before one’s wedding. This solidifies two points, I know next to nothing about weddings, and this further fuels my desire to NEVER have one.

-My brain, body, and emotions are very tapped after a week of stressful finals followed by a week of lots of drinking (they encourage us to do this during Senior Week, I swear), late nights, and a flurry of pre-graduation activities.

-I am dreading my last night out with my friends tomorrow. Not because I don’t want to see them but because when I leave that bar, that could be the last time I see the people who have been with me for the last four years of my life.

-I hate goodbyes.

-I still have quite a bit of packing and cleaning to do tomorrow after lunch. This sucks.

-I hope I don’t trip going up to receive my diploma. Strangely, since we’re being awarded them during our smaller departmental ceremonies rather than the big ceremony, I’m more nervous. Somehow it would be more embarrassing in my mind to do it in front of the smaller group of my professors and collegues rather than the entire senior class, their families, and the president and deans.

-I think it’s neat that the ceremony is being streamed live  here. But I really wonder how many of the people I know actually care enough to watch it.

-I have only one full day left in New York. I couldn’t be more upset about this. I don’t want to go back to the South. I don’t want to move back. I feel like I’m betraying my integrity a little (read a lot) by doing this. I don’t want to leave. How am I going to deal with this?

-I really need to not be so negative. Today is a happy day.

-Why can’t I be normal and just be happy about it?

-I really hope Irving doesn’t get carsick. Four hours can be a long trip in certain conditions.

-I wonder where the other history grads are going to grad school. Are people going to compare me to them negatively? Why do I care so much about appearances sometimes?

-I’m a pretentious snob.

-I hope we can get a table for lunch tomorrow.

-God I hope I don’t have poodle hair tomorrow.

-I really wish I could sleep.

-I must remember to bring tissues along with me tomorrow.

-I think we need to bring back dainty handkerchiefs.

-I need to stop writing and go to bed before I embarrass myself (if I haven’t done so already).

Yeah, so I’m sorry, that turned out sort of negative, but I guess I’m just a little negative this morning. I’ll end with a positive note, though. Congratulations class of 2011! The world is our oyster ( I hope).


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