Day 29

I promised you John Denver would show back up in this thing eventually, and he’s back today. Other than the aforeposted James Taylor, John is the one artist I most associate with my childhood. I can say he is literally my first musical memory, which is pretty important in my book. As a tyke, Mom would drive me around, and it seems like no car trip was complete without popping in a John Denver cassette. Mom would sing along, and pretty soon I learned to as well. She would especially sing to me with “For Baby (For Bobbie).” It’s the sweetest song about a parent’s love for their child ever written, and to this day, if I ever miss my mom, I’ll play it. John Denver, was such a wonderful person, and his music was equally great. He reminds me of all the best things about home: my family, the friends who helped bring me up, and above all else love. I had a glorious childhood, and I think a large portion of that can be attributed to the fact that John was almost always there. Listen here.



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4 responses to “Day 29

  1. Hi Betsy! I felt I really must respond to this post, because it is simply so touching. You obviously have very warm memories of childhood and family, and that’s fantastic. And music is such an evocative thing, too. It can bring memories back in a way that nothing else can – mysterious and wonderful at the same time.

    My earliest musical memory is George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’, and when I hear those first few bars with the guitar I have an almost physical response to it – a delicious sensation.

    All the best.

  2. barbara jablonowski zurl

    Perfect. One of the most enduring of my best ever memories was flying in a helicopter up towards the face of Denali and the pilot had the Calypso (Jacques Cousteau) music playing. Clouds and fog melting away into pure crystal light and a herd of caribou running beneath us casting black shadows on the ground like the cave paintings at Lascaux. John Denver was the voice of a particular time and sensitivity. Absolutely no wonder this resonates with you, Bets.

  3. thebetsybeast

    Thanks for reading, Sophie! Although I’ve never been able to play music, it’s always been a very important part of my life with deep associations to other important elements. I can’t imagine life without it.

    I love George’s music so much. He was such an amazing soul. His work after the Beatles is greatly under-appreciated in my my opinion. Deep stuff.

  4. thebetsybeast

    Barbara, John Denver was so amazing. I remember crying at school the day I heard he passed. I truly felt like I was losing someone important in my life. Calypso is a great song, then again, what JD song isn’t great. Such an amazing human being he was. Cousteau was amazing too. I remember spending hours as a child thumbing through my dad’s old Cousteau books imagining that I was on his voyages. Both JD and JC took me on many great adventures once upon a time.

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