Day 28

Hm…a song that makes me guilty. That’s an interesting one. Oddly enough, I’m going to choose the Johnny Cash classic “I Walk the Line.” Johnny Cash always makes me think of my grandparents, and thinking about my grandparents always reminds me of what a bad granddaughter I am. I never call them like I say I’m going to, I never write either, I never Skype with them (yes, they got Skype), and I only visit about twice a year, which will probably be reduced to maybe once a year as I get farther from home and closer to life in the real world. I don’t mean to be a terrible granddaughter, but we do come from two VERY different worlds and have little in common besides DNA, and, oh my god, if they knew about some of the life decisions I’ve made and some of the stuff I get up to, well…I’m fairly sure it would kill them. Okay, this makes me sound like a horrible person, and now I’m sufficiently guilted out. Thank you 30 Day Song Challenge, you jerk!

For the record, though, I do love Johnny Cash. He’s worth dealing with the guilt.


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