Day 27

Today is supposed to be the song I really wish I could play, and, well, that’s just about every song I hear that I like. However, today I’m in a bit of a glam mood so I choose “Suffragette City” by David Bowie. What an interestingly fabulous time to be on the rock scene what with all the androgynous fashion, the recreational sex, the heroin (okay just kidding about the heroin part).  David was king of all that in what seems like ages before my generation was reintroduced to him as the equal parts vaguely lecherous and strangely sexy goblin king (with tight pants) in Labyrinth. Bowie’s just so cool in whatever he does, and I like the guitar style on Ziggy Stardust. Here’s Ziggy, himself, with “Suffragette City”:


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