Day 23

I’m afraid I’ll have to fudge this one a little bit. Today’s song is the song that I want played at my wedding. I’m not really into the whole wedding thing at all. I’m not really sure if I’m into the whole marriage thing, for that matter. If for some reason I did feel compelled for tax purposes or something, it would totally be a quick and dirty city hall job. All of the white dressy, flowery, exhibitionist nonsense that goes along with weddings just isn’t my scene and, quite frankly, disgusts me. Anyway, here comes the fudging, I do have a song that I’d love to dance to with a very special guy,  get on a very heartfelt mixtape (am completely in love with mixtapes and always have been), or even better, be serenaded with. It’s really a gorgeous song and one of my favorite love songs of all time. It’s  David Gray’s “The One I Love.” Listen to it here.


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