Day 21

Today’s song is one that makes me happy. The Very Best’s music never fails to put me in a sunny mood. The song is “Warm Heart of Africa” from their album of the same name and it features Ezra Koenig. The song makes me instantly happy just as the video does. It pairs the singer from TVB, Esau Mwamwaya, with Ezra and they sing, dance, and just generally look like they’re having a delightful time. Esau has about the most infectious smile I’ve ever seen, and Ezra’s dancing is probably the most adorably awkward I’ve ever seen. It works, but I am pretty tickled that they didn’t give Ezra back up dancers like they gave Esau. At any rate, the song is bubbly and the video makes me giggle a lot. In other words it all makes me happy.

Oh, and there’s a dancing giraffe. Watch it here.


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