Day 20

I feel like a lot of this “challenge” could be open to interpretation. Take today’s theme, for instance. It’s supposed to be a song I listen to when I’m angry. I feel like I could go two ways with this, either I could list a song that I listen to to calm me down when I’m angry or a song that hops me up more. I think I’ll choose the latter. This one definitely has to be Dylan’s “Hurricane.” Dylan can do anger and disgust better than anyone else, and I think this song embodies his talent. The story the song tells is so sad and unjust, that I can’t help but seethe when I hear it. Unfortunately, I could not find a video for this song on YouTube that wasn’t someone else doing a shitty cover. My apologies, but I assume pretty much everyone has heard it. If you haven’t, I am surprised, and you should go listen to it now.


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