Just a thought: Bands and Wet Plates

I know I just posted  this on my Facebook, and if you read it there, I am sorry to be redundant. However, I would like to pose a query for all my Music City buds (or anyone else in the general southeastish area). Because I am definitely sure that all of you who read my blog are all diverse and eclectic and have interesting connections, I would like to know if any of you know any local bands (country, indie, jazz or whatever) that would be interested in having some wet plate promo images made in a sort of mutual promotional deal. I think it could be a very fun concept to play with, so I thought I would throw that out there to see if I get any bites. If you have any leads, contact our studio at thevacantchairstudio@yahoo.com. Thanks much!

Oh and once again, here is our Flickr photostream with examples of some of The Vacant Chair Photography Studio’s work.


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