“Historic Boners” = New favorite blog (not what you think and not obscene, I promise)

I don’t know about the rest of you, and maybe I’m just that much of a history nerd (which I freely admit), but there have been many times when I’ve been paging through some history tome and stopped in my tracks over the image of some gorgeous dead guy. One particular moment occurred in middle school during my American History class. We were discussing the Lincoln assignation, and some lovely textbook editor had the brilliant idea of adding that wonderfully rakish picture of Lewis Powell, one of the conspirators, to that section. You know, it’s that one where he’s leaned up against a wall clamped in irons. He may have been a major douche and supposedly dumber than a box of wet socks, but damn, he was smokin’! Fabulous hair, too. Interestingly enough, when I was reading Lynn Peril’s fabulous book Pink Think : Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons several years later, I was beyond  amused to find that Peril had a similar experience when she was a young girl. I guess it gave me a strange confirmation of sorts. I didn’t go as far as Peril’s pubescent self  (she formed a crush on this guy), but I did have to admit that, Lincoln mess aside, he was a bona fide hottie. With the wet plate business, we’re also always looking through old images on eBay or in antique stores, and I love it when I come across those of good looking mid-nineteenth century boys. It was a good time for hot guys, in my opinion, although, not so much for hot women. That whole part down the middle hairstyle trend really was unflattering for most women. They got the short end of the stick when it came to clothing too.

With that said, I was very happy to come across a blog called Bangable Dudes in History. It’s all about those gorgeous guys (and girls too) that we come across while aimlessly flipping through our textbooks. The writer is hilarious and, in general, has pretty good taste. Plus, you get to learn some fun historical facts while you ogle, which is always a good thing. The latest featured “Historic Boner” is Robert Cornelius. For photography nerds, I fall into that category too, he is most definitely a stud. Ever seen his self-portrait? Well, I’m glad he saved that visage for posterity. Do yourself a favor and go check this blog out (here). It’s pretty great.

Oh, and Lewis Powell also made BDH’s list.



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2 responses to ““Historic Boners” = New favorite blog (not what you think and not obscene, I promise)

  1. MM

    Lewis Powell–why are hot guys so often bad guys? Sigh.

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