Day 16

I hate to be negative again, but the Song Challenge demands it of me today. I have to pick a song that I used to love but now hate. This one is hands down “Run For Your Life” by The Beatles. When I was younger, I liked it just because it was catchy, but ass I got older and became more conscious of lyrics, I actually stopped to listen to them, and discovered how terrible this song is. The Lennon of the Rubber Soul era was a little disturbed, perhaps. Between singing about burning down girls’ flats when they wouldn’t put out and issuing thinly veiled death threats to girlfriends who dated other guys, maybe he needed to work through some stuff. Who knows. Rubber Soul is still my favorite of their albums, but I can’t listen to “Run For Your Life” anymore without being thoroughly put off.



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2 responses to “Day 16

  1. Ben Seitelman

    The more I read about Lennon the less I admire him. For all his talk about peace he was a horrible misogynist who treated his partners poorly.

  2. thebetsybeast

    I agree completely. George is really the only Beatle I can say I honestly admire.

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