Day 12

Day twelve is all about the band I dislike the most. This one was an easy choice because I absolutely cannot stand Journey, and I always get extremely disgusted when I’m listening to Pandora and one of their songs comes on. Oh, and I swear to god if I hear that damn Glee version one more time…Anyway, here’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one on the planet who hates this song.

If you really feel compelled to, you can listen to it here.



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2 responses to “Day 12

  1. Now that I have joined in and can comment, I can finally agree with this post. I HATE this song, and HATE it when everyone screams along (nightmares from high school dances I suppose)!

    • thebetsybeast

      Yes! I really don’t know why that song became such an anthem, buy you’re right. Everyone seems to feel obligated to sing it badly at the top of their lungs whenever and wherever it starts playing. Just awful.

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