Day 6

Day six is here, and I’m supposed to share a song that reminds me of a place. This one is kind of hard because, strangely enough, I don’t really associate songs with places that often. Instead of picking a physical place, I’m going to pick a more symbolic place: childhood. When I think back on my childhood now it sort of seems like a place, a very special semi-amorphous plane where we exist before growing up and everything gets so concrete and complicated. We always talk about revisiting our childhoods as well, so in our minds we do treat is as a place in a sense. Anyway, the song that reminds me of my childhood is James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James.” James Taylor is one of the artists my mom used to play on cassette as we rode around in the car when I was little. He and John Denver (to be seen later) bring back happy memories from my early years.


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