Day 5

Now, for a song that reminds me of someone. Instead of going the poignant route on this one, I think I’ll go with the totally random. In eighth grade, our super cool (well I could appreciate his coolness at least) music teacher, Mr. E. decided he was going to get all of his music classes to perform publicly. Unfortunately I can’t remember if we were going to sing it or play it on these weird bell things, but he chose for our class to perform Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” not something like “This Little Light of Mine” or “Catch a Falling Star” or something equally easy and lame. We practiced for weeks, but sadly bad weather struck the night we were to perform and our concert was canceled, I think. It’s been a long time since eighth grade, and I’ve repressed a lot of those memories as well so it could have easily been the case that I feigned illness and just didn’t show. At any rate, this song reminds me of the coolest music teacher ever.


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