Day 3

Okay, day three is here, and I submit for your viewing pleasure a song that makes me happy. There are many songs that make me happy, but one that never ceases to bring a smile to my face the instant I hear those first opening chords is “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I seriously am in love with this band and eagerly await their sophomore release. They have this delightful late 60s vibe, like you expect to see them tumbling out of a brightly painted school bus in a glowing psychedelic haze. Also, the version they recorded with the Gula Widows Choir for the Voice Project is wonderful too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that version on Vimeo or YouTube, so I’ve posted the link for original (sorry, they wouldn’t let me just post the vid on here). Watch it here, and you will smile, I promise. Might I also add how badly I wish I could see these fine folks, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show play the last show of their Railroad Revival Tour at Woldenberg Park in N’awlins at the end of April. What a nifty concept for a tour, seriously.


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