I don’t normally do stuff like this, but this one actually seems fun.

So, I’m sure you’ve all seen this “30 Day Song Challenge” that’s been circling around of late. I figured it might be amusing to post my own on here. It’s not exactly profound blogging, but, as I mentioned before, I am super busy with end of semester stuff and will be for the next few weeks so deep, lengthy posts are not exactly an option at present. They will return in the semi-near future, though, don’t worry. Anyway, day one is your favorite song. I, like most everyone I would suspect, have a very long list of favorite songs. It’s hard to pick just one. If it was easy, though, I suppose this whole thing wouldn’t be called a “challenge,” now would it? So, the one that popped into my head at the moment is…

“You Don’t Know How it Feels” by Tom Petty

I don’t really know why, but this has been one of my top ten for years. I love Tom Petty and the chill vibe to this song.


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