This week’s poll

So, my return after spring break, which was nice and relaxing, has turned out to be a bit busier than expected, and I am afraid with the rapid approach of graduation (two months away OH MY GOD!), things are going to stay busy-ish. I’m going to try to post as much as possible in the next nine weeks, but it probably won’t be daily : (

Here is this week’s poll, though. Now who doesn’t love the Beatles? If you don’t, don’t tell me, because I’m afraid my opinion of you will drop significantly. Just kidding! We all have our favorite Beatle from the fab foursome as well whether it be the philosophical John, the peppy Paul, the spiritual George, or the goofy but lovable Ringo. I want to know who you love,  after all it’s the ‘word’ y’know.

Oh and here are the results from the last poll: Blazing Saddles was the favorite, Young Frankenstein (my personal favorite) came in second, there was no love for High Anxiety which makes me sad, and one sad person voted that they didn’t know who Mel Brooks was. That person needs to go to their Netflix queue and fix that problem right away!

Here’s this week’s poll, with love from me to you:


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