Yum yum yum

The other day my mom took me to a new Mennonite grocery store that recently opened in our town. The fresh cheeses and breads were enough to sell me, but the aisles of old fashioned candy and dried snacks really impressed me. I now also have formed a troubling crack-like addiction to honey-roasted cashews. It’s very bad, and I don’t see a recovery in my future any time soon.

I am a bit of a foodie geek, and speaking of food, I have found this really awesome podcast called Snacky Tunes. It perfectly combines two of my favorite things good food and indie music. The program is hosted by Brooklyn-based twin brothers Terry D and DJ Never Forget, and they interview expert food enthusiasts and really awesome bands and djs. They also intersperse their broadcasts with nifty music. I love them, and you should too. I think my favorite episode thus far is the one where they interviewed Surfer Blood (love love love those crazy kids). You can find their iTunes page here. Also the other day they released a free playlist of live music from Snacky Tunes episodes. You can find a link to download it on their website here.



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2 responses to “Yum yum yum

  1. Heather

    Mennonite grocery store?? Oh thank baby jesus that there is someplace to get some cheese! I will have to look this up and get some tasty food! Thanks for the info! ❤

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