Try it with a French accent

This relates a little to my post from earlier today, so I thought I would share it. It is an NPR interview with Jack White concerning accents, of all things. It turns out Jack is a fan of actress, accent officianado, and YouTube star Amy Walker. She has a pretty amazing viral vid where she goes through twenty-one different accents in just over two minutes and thirty seconds. Watch it. Apparently she’s recently released a 45 on Third Man Records as well. Oddly enough, I stumbled upon that very video for the first time about two weeks ago. It’s weird where stuff pops back up. Hm…synchronicity.

Anyway, in Bob Boilen’s interview, J.W. admits to an affinity for accents (one I share with him) but a dislike of his own. I understand how troublesome accents can be. I actively worked hard all of my life to avoid picking up a southern accent, more specifically the nasally Tennessee accent. The Old South, Gone With the Wind type doesn’t natively exist in my home state. Unfortunately, it is quickly disappearing where it does exist, though, a result of the ill effects of global culture, I suppose. I won’t digress into a long spiel about the diversity of accents and their frequency in the Southeast here, though.

The short interview with Jack can be found here. Needless to say, he’s a very interesting guy, but we all had already figured that out a long time ago.


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