And so I am called to be a hermit in the dark cave of academia

Yeah, so my hell week in terms of exams is coming up next week, and I have to put my blog goal on pause for the next few days. This makes me sad because I would rather write fun stuff than study any day, but I have no choice on the studying front. However, spring break is coming up, and I will be heading back home to the cultural amusement wasteland of my small town, which means two things: more photography and more writing time to keep me occupied. Hooray for creativity! Anyway, I’m not giving up on the blog thing so don’t stop reading (Mom, since you’re probably the only person who does ha ha!) Okay, now time to hit the books! Wish me luck!

But of course I couldn’t leave you all with just a boring message about how school makes me completely lame. No, that just wouldn’t be right, so here is one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time. I need a little laugh, and this clip always provides.

And here is a song that I cannot get out of my head right now. It’s so catchy, and I also like the subject matter. Enjoy the infectiousness!


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