Desperately trying to banish the late winter grays

Typical Rochester weather today, temperatures rise for what seems like the first time in centuries, but the rain moves in. I’m pretty sure if someone cared to measure it, they would find that the Rochester sky stays cloudy and grey for ninety five percent of the year or something approximate. This can make it extremely difficult to avoid lethargy and the general blahs.

Today, this is how I have been combating the slump. I know this is kind of old (2009 oh my gosh!), but I’m on a big The Very Best kick right now. Their music is upbeat and sounds like it was made where the sun actually exists, so it’s keeping me peppy. Anyway, for anyone else dealing with the winter grays, watch this video via Youtube. It will make you smile and might even make you want to move around. I wish I could dance like those kids, though.


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