Um, yes please

{Warning: This post is entirely free of depth and true meaning. It is simply fun fluff. If you are in the mood for something decidedly existential, read no further. Also, if you’re of the heterosexual male persuasion, you probably won’t find this post very interesting.}

Okay, with that out of the way, I continue. Since one of the goals of this little assignment I’ve given myself is to share things that inspire me, I determined that I would have some fun with that. I started thinking, not too hard, mind you, and what I decided is that sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than a lovely man. Am I right? So without further ado, I present some of the delightful fellas who make me melt and go all googly-eyed : )

(Oh and these are NOT my images, and I am NOT placing them here for commercial use, purely posting them for fun. No lawsuits please, thank you).

Paul Rudd: Killer wit + killer good looks = awesome. Remember him in Romeo+Juliet? I caught that on tv the other night and was reminded he was in it, and he was actually good too. For me, Rudd makes all those silly bromance comedies watchable.

Johnny Galecki: Who doesn't love Leonard on The Big Bang Theory? That's why I first started liking Johnny. I have a soft spot for nerdy guys, and Galecki plays one believably. We never watched Roseanne in my house back in the day, but being introduced to Galecki via BBT makes me wish we had.

Lee Pace: I miss Pushing Daisies very much if only for the reason that I don't get to see Lee's smexy manbrows every week. It, however, was an awesome show, and he is an awesome actor. He has a quiet, understated charm about him, and he's always put me in mind of the leading men from the 1940s and 50s.

Ewan McGregor: I’ll just let this picture do the talking.

Adam Scott: A very under-appreciated actor, but I'm excited he's on Parks and Recreation now! I first fell for Adam as the bully, Griff, on Boy Meets World (a staple of my childhood) and thought he was wonderful ever since. Oh and Party Down, which was killed way too soon, is hilarious! If you haven't seen it, go watch it now.

Joaquin Phoenix: Okay, yes, I'm Still Here was a fiasco, and, yes, Joaquin made a right ass of himself, BUT I can't help it, I still think he's great. Can we all please forgive him so he will make excellent movies again? I mean, look at him, he's gorgeous! I dig his quiet, broody, smoldering sexiness.

Ezra Koenig: I absolutely love Vampire Weekend, and I find their frontman adorable. His youthful charm and pleasing touch of gawkiness (like he hasn't quite grown out of that stage boys go through in high school yet) combined with his unique voice and whip-smart lyric writing skills make him just delightful. Also any guy who wears boat shoes is all right in my book. Oh, and he plays a mean guitar, which is always hot. (I have a thing for guitar players, and it gets me in trouble more often than not).

Cillian Murphy: He has this almost dreamy look all the time which I find quite lovely. He's an extremely talented actor, and I especially loved him in Breakfast on Pluto (smashing movie!) where he managed to look gorgeous in drag, which is not something easily achieved by most men.

Marcus Mumford: I am so happy Mumford & Sons has met with such tremendous success in the past year. They make good music and seem to thoroughly enjoy doing it. I also think their lead singer is quite nice. He kind of has this young Alec Baldwin vibe happening. He also totally rocks the button down with rolled up sleeves under a vest, love that! As evidenced by the picture above, he likes kittens as well. Major plus!

James McAvoy: Ah James...Those piercing blue eyes and adorable Scottish accent are quite a combo plus he's one hell of an actor. I can't think of any girl I know who saw Atonement and didn't completely fall in love with Robbie. (I've loved him since Children of Dune, but that's because I'm a closet sci-fi nerd shhhhhhh).

David Tennant: Hands down my favorite Doctor. I know, I know, he's EVERYONE'S favorite Doctor. While not classically handsome (but I've never been much on the classically handsome type anyway), David has this infectious quirkiness that I just adore.



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2 responses to “Um, yes please

  1. I first fell for Adam as the bully, Griff, on Boy Meets World
    I am pleased that you featured Adam Scott, because I just watched the second season of Boy Meets World last week, where he makes his debut as Griff. I’m slowly collecting all of the seasons of Boy Meets World because I realized how much I loved that show and miss it, still.

  2. thebetsybeast

    Yes, it was such a wonderful show. I really miss the days of TGIF.

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