I normally hate clowns, but you can go ahead and send these in

Artinfo.com, a really cool website that keeps up with all things happening in the art world, has a very neat feature about a Houston, Texas, artist, Patricia Hernandez and her latest show titled “Parody of Light.” In case the name didn’t tip you off, Hernandez’s show parodies the saccharine works of Thomas Kinkade, otherwise known as “The Painter of Light.”

Now, I am one who believes in a very loose definition of art. In essence, if an artist calls their work “art,” I have to believe them. I may not like it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t art. I am personally not a fan of Kinkade, but there is no accounting for taste, and many people worldwide are. However, I do have issues with over-commercialization of art, but I won’t digress into that in this post. Suffice to say, I find Hernandez’s work very appealing and, quite frankly, hilarious. Spoiler: She has placed clowns in some of Kinkade’s best-loved works. I won’t try to describe it here for you. You should have a look at the article and slide show on Artinfo and see for yourself. Find it here. You won’t be disappointed.

Well done, Ms. Hernandez, well done.


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