Sweethearts, love, and all that stuff

For those of you who revel in romance and find yourselves in love with being in love on this, the granddaddy of all romantic holidays, I post this in your honor. I by no means count myself among you, but I do find this project our friends over at The New York Times have been working on interesting. It is called Modern Love and is a collection of essays by NYT readers about the most fundamental (non-biological, or on second thought maybe biological depending on how you look at it) force in human nature: love. I especially like their attempt to uncover the secrets of love at university by calling for submissions from actual college students.

It’s a noble effort, really, to get into the romantic heads of the Hook Up Generation (let’s face it, no sugar-coating, that’s what we are). The NYT editors picked five essays from college kids around the country. The first is called, “Want to Be My Boyfriend? Please define.” by Marguerite Fields, and boy does it hit home as I would imagine it does for so many other young women (and men perhaps) our age. I especially found her closing paragraph familiar in which she says:

“And tried to process it. And tried to remind myself that when we first met I thought he was an arrogant, presumptuous little man. I tried to think about my conversation with Steven. I tried to remember that I was actively seeking to practice some Zenlike form of nonattachment. I tried to remember that no one is my property and neither am I theirs, and so I should just enjoy the time we spend together, because in the end it’s our collected experiences that add up to a rich and fulfilling life. I tried to tell myself that I’m young, that this is the time to be casual, careless, lighthearted and fun; don’t ruin it.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anyway, whether you are a romantic or a skeptic, like me, Modern Love is quite fascinating and  amusing. You can find it on the NYT website. Happy National Popcorn Chicken Day (this will make no sense to anyone but an old friend from grade school. If you are reading this, Ashley, that one’s for you). Happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of you.



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2 responses to “Sweethearts, love, and all that stuff

  1. Heather

    lol, she’s not the only one who knew about that day. 😛
    Now I’m going to go back to stalking you from the shadows. lol

  2. thebetsybeast

    Ah…I forgot you were there as well. How could I? My deepest apologies. Happy belated National Popcorn Chicken Day to you, then, my dear friend. You also do not have to stalk from the shadows. The dimness is bad for the eyes, and I would hate for you to damage your eyesight any further.

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