Pass me some of that giggle water, and then we can Charleston

Sometimes I think I could have been very happy in the 1920s. I have always been fascinated by the raucous, exotic, vibrant, sexy Jazz Age. Yes, I think I could have been happy as a member of the Lost Generation, sipping bootlegged gin in a NYC speakeasy or dreaming up modernism in a Parisian cafe. I also wish I could have a time machine to take me back just to go shopping.

The epitome of flapper sex appeal. What a look!


I love the original caption for this "Latest thing in flasks. Mlle. Rhea, dainty dancer who is now in the city as part of the Keiths program inaugurates the garter flask fad in Washington." I think we should bring back the "garter flask fad."


We don't wear enough cool hats these days.


I would also be in favor of the rivival of bathing suits like this.


Ah the lovely Lillian


Dark eyes and a cupid's bow-Très chic


And finally, my personal heroine, the astounding Louise Brooks


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