Greta, you are my hero

Short post today, simply to share the unmatchable cuteness of Greta Benn’s twitter account. She’s an utterly adorable six year old from London who apparently says the most fabulous things. Now, little Greta herself does not tweet because, of course, six year olds have no business and probably no desire to mimic their adult counterparts by plugging in to social networking. The account is described as “some of the things she says, faithfully reported by [her] parents.” I ran into @thingsgretasays through an equally awesome account, specifically that of Mr. Neil Gaiman, who retweeted something Greta said about his incomparably cool new wife Amanda Palmer (also someone worth following on twitter). Anyway, Greta is pretty much the most awesome kid ever, and if you have a twitter account you should start following @thingsgretasays right now to get in on the cuteness overload.

Here are a couple of my favorite things Greta says:

“Mummy, usually you don’t have that much confidence when you’re English, but *I* have that much confidence!”

“If someone tells u ‘U have lovely hair’ u must say ‘Thank u, u have Lovely hair too.’ But if they look like a Fraggle say ‘I like ur shoes’.”

Seriously, too charming! : )


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