Just a Note…

…about the picture used on this page. The image is of a Continental Standard long carriage typewriter taken by Georg Sommeregger which can be found on his Flickr page here. Georg has some lovely images of a wide array of typewriters and typewriter related materials on his photostream. If you are a nut for antiquated writing technology, you should give them a look.

I am attracted to many forms of outmoded technology. This can also be directly witnessed in my hobby of (read: obsession for) wet plate photography which will no doubt crop up on these pages at some point. I also happen to have a large affinity for typewriters especially manual. I think this may have something to do with the fact that we were forced in middle school to take a “Keyboarding” class for two years and we practiced on old, hulking electric typewriters from the seventies. I couldn’t help it, I fell in love. I have been known to spend more than a few hours on Etsy looking at restored models from various sellers. Eight years after my first encounter with the world of typewriting, I obtained my very first typewriter. It is my great grandfather’s Royal circa 1930 (or so), which he used in his general store in the Memphis, TN area back in the day. She is gorgeous and huge and still works beautifully, and I secretly dream of writing a best-seller on her one day.

This is one of my (more mediocre) wet plate images of my great grandfather's old typewriter. It was taken in our front garden this past summer.


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